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      3. Zhejiang Lizhou Cable Co.,Ltd is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, specializing in wire and cable series products and related products. 

        Lizhou brand industry experience

        Lizhou focuses on the R&D, sales and service of wires and cables, and provides high-quality products for many well-known enterprises in the industry

        System quality control ability

        Lizhou Cable has complete testing equipment and strict and systematic quality control procedures. Quality inspection covers the entire production process from expected to finished product.

        Improve quality service system

        Full service before, during and after sale, and the professional after-sales team responds to inquiries and solves problems quickly.

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        As fires continue to erode various places and arouse people's awareness of fire prevention, people's requirements for cables are getting higher and higher, gradually evolving from flame retardant to fireproof cables. The insulation, filling, sheath and other materials used in traditional cables are all organic materials, which generate a lot of smoke and poisonous gas during the fire process. Only the fire-resistant cables are non-polar insulating materials. Even when the fire occurs, the cable can still be normal. Same as the cable for 180 minutes, providing sufficient time for the escape of personnel and the rescue of materials.

        • Voltage level: 500V or 750V
          Number of cores: 500V: 7 cores or less /750V: 19 cores or less
          Specifications: 500V:1~4mm2/ 750V:1~240mm2
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        • Voltage rating: 0.6/1kV
          Number of cores: 1~5 cores
          Specifications: 1~240mm
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        Four strong reasons to choose us
        • 01

          Dedicated enterprise spirit

          In the spirit of dedicated enterprise, Lizhou has been focusing on the R&D and production of wires and cables since its establishment, basing itself on the local market and cultivating the regional market.

        • 02

          Perfect quality control

          Complete testing equipment, professional quality team covering the entire production process from expected to finished product to ensure product quality

        • 03

          Fast and punctual delivery

          Professional planning system, advanced production equipment in the industry, and abundant production capacity to ensure timely delivery

        • 04

          Caring and thoughtful service

          Professional customer service staff and well-trained engineering team, covering the whole process from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale, provide professional and thoughtful service

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